Why Content is important?

Have you ever visited a website and NOT find what you are looking for? Or have to click through too many pages to get there? I usually end up leaving that site in frustration and continue looking for another website that will answer my questions.

The same is true for your church website. A visitor has high expectations about your website content. They arrive at your website with prior knowledge of what is likely to be on the site and are disappointed if the site is not easily accessible.

They expect the basics on your home page—all the information that you would find on the front cover of your Sunday bulletin: address, phone, Mass times, office hours, staff and a welcome message. Adding an image is always attractive and interesting to a viewer. Here is a link to a good article about images.

Providing content that’s relevant and useful or otherwise entertaining to your audience is a great way to keep your congregation engaged and connected, and guarantee repeat visits.

Most important is the continued task of weekly updates. Old or out dated information is a sign of neglect and may turn off that visitor to ever returning to your site. You may find your phone ringing off the hook to answer simple questions that they might have found on your website.

With that said, there is nothing better than the resonance of a human voice answering the phone. Smile when you answer the phone they can see it on the other end.

Thomas Miner is president of Bartleby Press, a church bulletin publisher that provides weekly website updates


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