The Value of a Church Bulletin and Website

Church_bulletin_website More and more pastors and church administrators are re-examining their church bulletin and social media mission. They are slowly becoming more sensitive to church website visitors and the church bulletin messages. Pastors are pondering the evangelizing capability of the website. The Church bulletin helps drive parishioners to church website. Not long ago, the majority of church websites provide basic information such as staff, administrations contacts and church location. Now that we realize how valuable a resource the website is in terms of information what do the parish ministries say to church website visitors? While a significant part of the website content might be helpful to registered members, active parishioners typically read the weekly church bulletin. Even with the bulletin they do visit the parish website every now and then when there is something directing them there, for example, a Mass announcement, letter or email.

The church Bulletin drives readers to the website This is the where your church bulletin becomes an important instrument to drive parishioners to your website for more information, back ground information to support the bulletin announcement. Editing church bulletin content is becoming more important as ministries grow. Strong headlines, short, easy to read information with essential details is more likely to get a good response than long articles. Lengthy information should be reserved for the website.

Our Call to Evangelize On the off chance that we re-evaluate the mission of the church website in light of our call to be an evangelizing group, we will understand that the most essential individuals who go to our church website are guests, new comers and fallen away Catholics who are pondering returning. What they discover when they go to your website could be a positive, empowering minute in their lives. In that brief moment of church website surfing what is said on the home page will make the difference of a new person attending your church or not. Just like a friendly greeter at the church door your opening home page message could be “Welcome! We are so happy you’ve come to see us!”

Author: Thomas Miner, Church bulletin publisher and church website developer. Bartleby Press, Austin, Texas.
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