Social Community of Parish Websites

When focusing attention to the development of a parish community website there are a few major structural elements to consider. These elements are meant to comprise,  build and incorporate your church community in your online website. A ‘social communications strategy’ is a term used in church website development to enable all essential aspects of what a community is to convert to online content.

The purposes and roles this ‘social communication strategy’ plays inside your parish website is often 3-fold:

Informational – Get your parish involved! Have announcements, high-lights and invitations center stage for all of your church activities and groups. Let people know what , when and where things are happening. Parishioners can now actively use and incorporated your website into their lives because information is current, affective and easy to find.
Evangelizing – Open wide the doors to your Church formations and their purposes. A parish website is the place for to display to fruit of your work of the Lord in the world; (i.e. pictures, video, participating in oral communication, etc.). These interactions and  could evangelize insiders and outsiders.
Service –  A church website can be of great service and purpose to the online world and the followers of faith. Be vigilant of content and information which many may be in need of. Serve the online community through information and connections your parish makes in the world wide web. All parts of the body of Christ are present in the digital age and it can be beneficial to follower to find it all in one place. Be of service to your online followers.

How you’ll adapt to the ever-changing online world. If we’ve learned something it is that change is constant. The purpose of a church website is many fold actually and is unique and special to each denomination, parish and community. Be ready and willing to adapt and engage your users with what they many need in an online parish website. You will find the more your adapt to the growing nature of a website the more the parish followers may receive.

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