Church Communication Manager


Church Communication managers are responsible for using creative, savvy, and interpersonal skills to let your events and activities be known. You might have a great event planned but it won’t be successful if no one knows about it. This position is not for anyone it requires a unique set of skills and abilities.

Editing skills

A communication manager must be a master of language. The best way to deliver a message is through clear, concise language. They know how to highlight the most appealing elements of an event or announcement. A communication manager knows how to eliminate extraneous and redundant words to captivate an audience.

Social Media Savvy

A smart communication manager knows sites like Facebook and Twitter give churches the unique ability to weave it’s messages into parishioners’ social lives. They know both the new and older generations are using social media every day and will use it to increase awareness.

Interpersonal knowledge

Your communications manager should work with a variety of people both inside and outside the parish community. They come in contact with every part on the ministry team and the pastor. Having a good charisma can bring a team together during stressful and deadline-driven projects. Good communication skills will work wonders and is a mark of a true manager.

An organized mind

Managing church communication requires discipline and organizational skills. Managers usually have multiple projects going on at once. They need to know how to balance their priorities. Their ability to stay on top of numerous projects is invaluable for the church. They also must be forward- thinking with new helpful technologies and programs that emerge.

The next time a communication manager position becomes open consider the attributes of a innovative, forward-thinking team player.

Let us Help

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