Bulletin Insert

bulletin insert

Bulletin insert that inspires

Bulletin insert – an additional page added to the bulletin as a stand alone announcement or prayer. They are great tools you can utilize for informing parishioners about an upcoming event or feast days.

Time sensitive bulletin inserts are ideal.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary happens in September. The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is September 15.

mary-seven-sorrow,bulletin insertThe seven Sorrows of our Lady are:

  • The prophecy of Simeon
  • The flight into Egypt
  • The loss of the Holy Child at Jerusalem for three days
  • Meeting Jesus on his way to Calvary
  • Standing at the foot of the Cross
  • Jesus being taken from the Cross
  • The burial of Christ

A bulletin insert at the beginning of September with information about the seven sorrows would teach and remind Parishioners. Remember not to make it lengthy. Therefore add a link to your website for a longer article.

Great Resource

Recently we discussed starting a bulletin library. A bulletin library is a collection of prayers, humor, or other information to include in future bulletins. This collection is a perfect source for bulletin inserts.

American Catholic. The website is from Franciscans and Franciscans Media. It is worth bookmarking for easy reference in the future. Make sure you source them if you are directly using information.

Let us help

Bartleby Press has a team prepared to help you format your bulletin. We work with you to engage readers into action. Contact Bartleby Press today to get a professional bulletin. 512-452-3413

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