Bulletin Cover is your first Impression


Bulletin Cover is your first Impression

All it takes is a glance…that moment when you find something that attracts your eye. You have done it many times. A storefront window dressing that makes you stop and look. A magazine cover at he doctor’s office entices you to pick it up and read. An email with a beautiful image encourages you to click. Here is how you can get great pictures of your sanctuary and parish buildings.

Professional photographers

There are plenty of events that take place every week at your church where you have an opportunity to get great, high-resolution images. The next time there is a wedding ask the photographer to take a few picture of the sanctuary or outside the church. You will be surprised with their response. Most photographers are taking hundreds of pictures of the sanctuary prior to the wedding to get the proper settings. They can be very cooperative and willing to give you images.

If the Diocese is having a celebration at your parish often they will send a photographer to take pictures. Ask the photographer to take a few pictures for you. News outlets that send photographers to cover a story at your church are another resource.

Offer to give a photo credit

Assure them that you plan to only use the image on your bulletin cover or website. Sweeten the deal by offering a photo credit when you publish an image, especially if they are willing to give you the photos. It is professional etiquette.

Continue to collect photos at every opportunity. Collecting photos during the year gives you seasonal images and keeps your bulletin cover looking fresh.

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About the Author: Thomas Mineris the President of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX.

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