Bulletin Announcements – Short and Simple

Bulletin Announcements are one of the best ways to inform parishioners of church events and activities. Are your church’s bulletin announcements effective?

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People like to be spoon-fed information with easy-to-find key points. They are looking for specific information in your content. Finding answers in an article shouldn’t be a hunt. Here are 3 ideas to simplify your bulletin content.

Bulletin Announcements. What’s the point?

Starting with an article’s title the reader should be given enough information to know if they should continue reading. Using a cryptic title such as, “A new adventure awaits…” will only cause readers to skip over the announcement. Give your readers what they want to know upfront. A bulletin announcement with basic information is all that is needed. As much as you would like them to take time to read lengthy bulletin announcements the bulletin is not a place for dense writing.

Have a Call to Action

Trying to load too much information in a bulletin announcement makes readers give up or lose interest. Include a Call to Action to provide more information. End announcements with things such as “continue online”, “call for more information”, or “email us” to continue your articles. The bulletin is a place for basic information NOT lengthy paragraphs.

Format your article

Don’t forget to have an easy-to-read bulletin. Large title and consistent formatting throughout the bulletin makes it easy on the reader’s eyes. Add an image to grab attention. Refrain from redundancy and long-winded paragraphs. Use bold, descriptive subheadings and where needed inject bullets. Lists can do that for you.

      • Get to the point
      • Have a call to action
      • Attractive formatting

A good bulletin publisher will help you prepare you bulletin…

Let us help
Bartleby Press has a team prepared to help you format your bulletin. We work with you to engage readers into action. Contact Bartleby Press today to get a professional formatted bulletin. 512-452-3413

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