Angels, do you believe?


Angels, what is the first thing you think of when someone asks do you believe in them? Guardian angels, Archangels, and those divine messengers from God. We might all relate to a moment when we had a near catastrophic event turn into a yahoo moment and wonder was someone looking out for us. Is it superstition? Luck? Or an Angel?

Angels, do they exist?

The English world “angel” derives from the Greek “angelos”, which means a pure spirit created by God, a messenger.

The Bible mentions Angels but many us have been confused by stories of fairies and nymphs that by popular belief do not exist. The Scriptures give us no indication of the precise time of creation of Angels but there is mention of them many times. Seven are specially mentioned and only three are by name, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

angelsThere is a familiar image of St. Michael the protector standing triumphant in a warrior pose crushing the dragon that embodies evil in the form of Satan. He is mentioned in the defeat of Satan in a heavenly battle that banished Satan and his followers from heaven and thrown down to earth. (Revelation 12:7).

Then there is Gabriel making an appearance to the young maiden, Mary, who consents to bear the Messiah. The Annunciation (LK 1:26:2:9-14)

Raphael is the third Archangel mentioned by name in the bible. He is sent to cure Tobias of his blindness and deliver Sara, his son’s wife, from the devil. (Tobit 12:1)

The most common belief is in guardian angels. They can be an aid to comfort and aid in our spiritual growth. “For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.” (Ps 91: 11-12). The feast of Guardian Angels is October 2.

Believe or not our lives do benefit from the mysterious and powerful help of Angels. We are surrounded by their watchful care and intercession.

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